Makeup Forever Madness!

i decided on a separate post for the MUFE part of my Sephora friends & family haul.  i had some brushes that shipped much later than expected due to the inundation of orders that Sephora had over the sale time.  it completely overwhelmed their warehouses, but they were nice enough to reward me with an extra 500 points to my account for the delay, without prompting.

MUFE madness haul

i grabbed the Travel Brush Set, Metal Palette in L, artist shadows in S312 Mint Green, D334 Apple Green, D306 Bottle Green, S718 Salmon (technically classified as a blush), I804 Golden Pink (also technically a blush), D830 Black Rose, brushes in: 238 Medium Smudger Brush, 256 Definer Eyeliner Brush, 218 Medium Blender Brush, 208 Small Precision Shader Brush, 220 Small Shader Brush, 174 Small Concealer Brush, and the Artist Palette!  The Metal Palette is only carried in the XL size online, but if you can access one of the Sephora branches with a MUFE boutique inside, you can find them in different sizes.  the smallest holds 4.  L size i have will hold 18.  they’re currently taking up more space than they should because i still have half the packaging attached to it until i can find a sharpie to write down the color numbers to the back.  the metal palette is strongly magnetized and sturdier than a Z palette.  however, it’s also pretty hefty in weight, 4.25oz.  i may decide to return this for the plastic trio palettes instead.

now how about some swatches?  btw, MUFE only gave their artist shadow number codes, the names you see next to them are a Sephora designation.  if you walk into a boutique and ask for a shadow by name instead of number, they will give you a blank look.  also a tip on using these shadows from the MUFE shadows from the makeup artists, if you want a more pigmented and metallic sheen, press down and drag the shadow to intensify the pigment.  be sure to click on the individuals pictures so that you can see them expanded to showcase their sparkly glory.

S312 Mint Green, D334 Apple Green, D306 Bottle Green

S312 Mint Green, D334 Apple Green, D306 Bottle Green

S312 Mint Green is a medium mint green.  D334 Apple Green is a light sparkly apple green with golden sparkles running through it.  i think it’s such a happy color.  D306 Bottle Green is a blackened hunter green base with emerald green sparkles running through it.

S718, I804 ,D830

S718, I804 ,D830

S718 Salmon is a warm, peachy shade.  I804 is a medium pink base with a peachy gold sheen.  D830 Black Rose is a deep black with purple sparkles running through it.  i grabbed this because i’ve always loved Blackheart in the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette.  however, i didn’t feel like i would use the palette enough to justify buying.  D830 Black Rose swatches beautifully, and i can’t wait to try it.  i feel the Black Rose is very similar to Black Heart.  i believe that Black Rose is a slightly deeper black with purple sparkles while Black Heart has pink sparkles.

Artist Palette

Artist Palette


the Artist Palette contains 8 shadows: M536 Milk Tea, I524 Pinky Beige, I550 Olive Grey, D652 Celestial Earth, ME728 Copper Red, ME 230 Peacock Blue, D926 Blueberry, and ME930 Black Purple.  there have been tons of reviews on this palette, so i won’t bore you with color descriptions.  i’ll just say i completely agree with all the raves, and i personally have never experienced a palette that had no duds/disappointments.  although, i did use a grey card to color balance these pictures, Olive Grey does look a bit off on my screen (my screen still needs to be calibrated).  in person, it’s a warm taupe with a cool grey sheen with a little bit of iridescent sparkles running through it.  D652 Celestial Earth looks a little deeper in real life than this swatch.

MUFE black purple close up

ME230, D926, D930



here’s a closer look at ME930 Black Purple, so you can better see its dual chrome nature.

technically, not part of my Sephora friends & family haul, but i have a few more shadows in my stash.  i figured i might as well add them to the swatch fest.

M530 Eggshell, M536 Milk Tea, D826 Fig

M530 Eggshell, M536 Milk Tea, D826 Fig

for those of you that didn’t know, like me, don’t underestimate MUFE’s attention to detail!  you are not forced to pry the magnetized shadows out of the palette by wedging your tweezers into the crack between pan and palette while being distracted by your boyfriend.

back of trio palette

those 3 tiny holes up top is for you to stick a push pin or needle through to help you switch out colors easily.  if only i had realized this before i damaged my beautiful Fig!

ME744 Poppy

ME744 Poppy

ME512 Golden Beige, D320 Golden Khaki, ME 624 Black Gold

ME512 Golden Beige, D320 Golden Khaki, ME 624 Black Gold

ME512 Golden Beige, D320 Golden Khaki, ME 624 Black Gold

ME512 Golden Beige, D320 Golden Khaki, ME 624 Black Gold

i love this trio so much i had to show you a close up so you can see the color and sparkles better.

trios swatch

from left to right: M530 Eggshell, M536 Milk Tea, D826 Fig, ME744 Poppy, ME512 Golden Beige, D320 Golden Khaki, and ME624 Black Gold.  M530 Eggshell is a slightly warm creamy white.  i use it as an all over base shade/brow highlight.  it’s pigmented enough to hide the discoloration from the veins on my eyelids.  it’s a tiny bit powdery compared to the other finishes but still very blendable.  M536 Milk Tea is a great transition/crease shade for those with paler skin.  D826 Fig is another color where the swatch doesn’t do it justice.  it’s a beautiful warm plummy brown with a heavy dose of red overtones and lots of pink sparkles running through it.  it looks almost metallic.

MUFE travel brush set

the set includes travel size versions of brushes: (L toR) 150 Precision Blush Brush, 228 Medium Precision Shader Brush, 216 Medium Precision Eye Blender, and 172 Precision Corrector Brush.  the flap has an pocket which will fit either the Artist Palette or one custom trio palette.

travel case fits full size eye brush

it looks like the middle of the case is just barely long enough to fit a couple of full sized brushes.  if you zoom in, you can see that the 228 Medium Precision Shade brush is almost identical to the full size one.  i also have 216 Med. Precision Blender in the full size, and they look exactly the same.

how about a couple of looks to see how the shadows are in action to finish things off?

I524 and D830 as eyeshadow. S718 as blush

I524 and D830 as eyeshadow, no primer. S718 as blush

black rose close up

the purple sparkles in D830 are very subtle, but it blends beautifully with no glitter fallout.  the black can be much more intense than this without a lot of building.  it just wasn’t the look i was going for that day.  i was so excited to try out D830 that i forgot to use eye primer!  all the rest of the looks below do have primer.

MUFE Artist Palette Turquoise and Bronze-6

ME728 Copper Red, ME 230 Peacock Blue

golden pink bottle green cropped

I804 Golden Pink, D306 Bottle Green


golden pink sheen

I804 Golden Pink, D306 Bottle Green


Readers, have you tried the reformulated MUFE artist shadows? what do you think of them? 



Sephora Friends & Family Madness

so a couple of my favorite bloggers, Sunny of Mostly Sunny and Helen of lola’s secret beauty blog has requested to see how insane i went (my words, not theirs) during Sephora’s friends & family sale.  at first i was reluctant because i spent an embarrassing amount but i figured this way if there’s anything you guys want streamlined into the reviews, you could leave me a comment down below.  i’ve broken the haul into categories, so it doesn’t seem too overwhelming.

Skincare and Staplesfirst up, there are staples and skincare products that have been on my radar to check out.  the staples are Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, Beauty Blender Pure (other colors leak dye like crazy), and my HG face wash/makeup remover Eve Lom Cleanser.  there’s quite a few skin care products that i’ve been eyeing for a while now. i picked up Algenist Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Melting and Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser in the hopes that i can find a cheaper alternative to my HG Eve Lom Cleanser.  Manuka Doctor’s Apinourish Rejuvenating Face mask got tossed in because anything with the word manuka in it has my undivided attention.  i got a sample of Lash Food Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer in a beauty box a while back and was very impressed by the rapid results.  the serum by itself is $78 so i figured i might as well try the rest of the line for just a little bit more.  it was a great bargain since everything is full sized.  Dr. Perricone has been on my radar for a while now, and when i ran out of eye cream, Cold Plasma Eye was one of the many samples i tried from Sephora.  while i’m still trying to decide if i can stand the slightly fishy smell, i can honestly say this is the most effective eye cream/serum i have ever experienced.  in one week, not only did i see my dark circles and fine lines improve, i also noticed that the discoloration from my veins peeking through the thin skin on my eyelids had also improved!  seeing such efficacy from Cold Plasma Eye, i decided to toss in Blue Plasma Orbital.  we all know the benefits of exfoliation for our face, but not too many products are made safe for the eye area.  since a lot more products are going onto my eyes now that i wear makeup, i figure a little exfoliation might be good for the area too.

Haul Mascara

some eye products that i’ve been wanting to try during the friends & family sale.  i’m a big fan of Urban Decay and haven’t gotten around to trying their new liquid liners or mascara yet, so this kit was perfect for me.  i’ve been hearing mixed reviews about this Too Faced fiber lash system, so i wanted to see what it’s like for myself and how it compares to Younique’s Moodstuck 3D Fiber Lashes that everyone’s been raving about.  Hourglass products are a bit of a splurge, so i try to only indulge my curiosity during sales.  i did make an exception for their Ambient Lighting Blush Palette because i was afraid it’d sell out, but it turned out to be a needless worry.  i guess too many people already have the singles to make buying the palette worthwhile.  most mascaras smudge on me, so i usually use a topcoat.  Anastasia’s Lash Genius is my usual staple, but i’m hoping bareMinerals Locked and Coated Waterproof Lash Topcoat will be just as effective but a more economical option.  i’ve gotten better at applying false lashes than i was a year ago, but i’m hoping Sephora Bulls Eye Lash Applicator will help speed up the process and help me angle around my lashes so that i can get closer to the lashline.  i’ve heard Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil compared very favorably to Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On eye pencil, so i wanted to give this cheaper option a spin.

search for universal pink lipstick

i also wanted to take advantage of the sale to search for the perfect pink lipstick that goes with any kind of eye look but was also long wear and hydrating.  going clockwise you see: Buxom Full Bodied Lipstick in Mistress and Hooligan,  Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick in Eccentic, and Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain Jewel Lipstick Compact in Georgia and Gemma.

benefit cheek boxthis is probably the purchase i feel most guilty about despite the relatively low cost compared to some of the other items in my haul.  i’m really not sure how much use i will get out of these blushes, but i really fell in love with the packaging.  i thought about it long and hard and knew i’d regret it if i didn’t snatch this up.  i comforted myself with the fact it was a particularly good deal since Sephora was having 12% cashback on mr. rebates (affiliate link) at the time.

haul nail polishes

i fell in love with swatches of Marc Jacobs’ Gatsby and Goss in the Butter London Gilded Gears (love the rose gold steampunk packaging!) but realized after receiving that i already have similar colors (Essie’s Penny Talk).  Clockwork Heart is a very interesting color being a semi matte wine color with quite a bit of brown.  i’ve been wanting a more chemical free nail strengthening base coat to replace my current favorite, so i’m hoping the 5 free Tenoverten Foundation Base Coat will fit the bill.  last but not least, Sephora Formula X The Ombré Glitters in Mischevious is the most amazing combo of rose gold and sage green glitter.  since pink and green are two of my favorite colors, i’ve been lusting after this ever i saw a swatch of it online.  let’s take a closer look.

Mischevious collage


the pictures don’t do it full justice, but you can get a better sense in this photo.  try to imagine the sage green as sort of a semi-clear base color with a pinky rose gold (as opposed to the coppery kind) glitter all over.  it’s perfect.

Readers what do you think?  see anything you like?  anything you want to see reviewed first?