hello world~

hi~ welcome!  i’m joy.  well, it’s my middle name but it’s easier to spell and pronounce so let’s stick with that.  i’ve always been fascinated with colors in the form of makeup and skincare, but since i’m a total homebody, i felt it was wasteful to have a lot of it.  then i met my boyfriend who eventually admitted to me that he found smokey eyed makeup really hot.  since my stash of makeup was geared toward a light swatch of light to medium colors, i took his confession as a great excuse to revamp my collection.  hours of research on tools and palettes turned my fascination into a full blown obsession, and before i knew it, i acquired a huge collection.  slowly my looks evolved and improved.  my friends complimented me on the change and encouraged me to start a blog.  at first i brushed it off thinking that i didn’t really have anything different to offer than the many other great blogs that were already out there, but slowly i realized i may have something to offer.  i really disliked how some shadows take a lot more effort to look true to pan and wish i had known that while i was reading reviews on it.  i also love comparisons so you’ll be seeing a lot of that.  i will tell you if i’m ditching an old favorite just because i have something new that’s equally great or if i prefer it on a permanent bases.

with a full blown obsession in makeup, skincare naturally follows. after all, you need to find the most gentle and efficient way of taking it off and nourishing it after right? plus after 30, who doesn’t have a bit of sun damage or scarring to fix or think about a little preemptive prevention?  i’ll admit my attention span is a little short here.  i’m always eager to move on to see if i can better my skincare routine so products that last longer than 2 months on my counter are significant although i’m trying to improve in that area.

last but not least, there will be a little bit of food and supplements featured in this blog.  almost 2 years ago i was diagnosed with lupus and mild sjogren’s.  this caused a crack down from my boyfriend in eating out and the beginning of my search for healthy recipes that fit both my poor culinary skills and my extremely fussy taste buds.  i’ll showcase supplements and other things that i’ve discovered along the way to made a huge difference with my autoimmune problems.

truecolorjoy is both about the happiness that color brings (and makeup is easier than painting walls) and an internal journey for me as i try to expand my horizons.  i hope to share some helpful information, my passion and encouraging you to broaden your own horizons.