Wearable Radiant Orchid Lips

spring is here and i’m finally ready to hop onto the radiant orchid wagon.  we were in the depth of winter when Pantone announced this bright color of the year and i just wasn’t in the mood for it.  i don’t care that i live in sunny los angeles where it’s practically summer year round.  i still like to act like there are seasons to pay attention to!  the weather was super nice today so i wanted a more colorful look when i got dressed for brunch! i slapped on some purple eye shadow and made it pop by lining the inner bottom half of my eyes with a green liner. To complete the look, i decided to do a radiant orchid lip! which leads me to introducing to you: L’Oréal Color Caresse Wet Shine Stain in Berry Persistent #186 and Buxom Full-On Lip Cream in Purple Haze.

L to R: L'Oreal Berry Persistent and Buxom Purple Haze

L to R: L’Oréal Berry Persistent and Buxom Purple Haze

L’Oréal Berry Persistence is a hybrid stain and gloss formula.  it goes on with the thin slippery feel of a wet gloss and has a light shine with color staying about 4 hours or so on me. depending on the color, sometimes i have some very light staining left after eating but usually not.  Buxom is my go-to brand for lip gloss.  Purple Haze is a nice cream gloss with a medium level of pigment and shine.  the formula goes on tingly and is very moisturizing on the lips.  it’s slightly thick but not tacky.

T to B: L'Oréal Berry Persisent and Buxom Purple Haze

T to B: L’Oréal Berry Persisent and Buxom Purple Haze

here’s what they look like on my lips.  i left the top lip bare for comparison’s sake.

Buxom Purple Haze

Buxom Purple Haze

Purple Haze Close-up

Purple Haze Close-up

as you can see, Purple Haze is just pigmented enough to give your lips a nice shade of purple for that radiant orchid look but sheer enough for your lip color to show through for a natural look.

L'Oréal Berry Persistent

L’Oréal Berry Persistent

B Persistent Closeup

Berry Persisent Closeup

L’Oréal Berry Persistent has a bit more pigment but the color leans towards a berry purple with a little less shine than a full on gloss.  it actually looks a bit more purple in real life.  sorry, i’m still working on my photography skills.

stack them together and you get my take of radiant orchid.

Berry Persistent with Purple Haze

Berry Persistent with Purple Haze

close up of the two

close up of the two

i like the two combined together because i feel they round each other out.  Berry Persistent gives a little more pigmentation covering up the pink of my natural lip, and Purple Haze lends the proper purple tones of a radiant orchid look and adds shine to give the color dimension.

Buxom Purple Haze can be purchased at Sephora for $19.

L’Oréal Berry Persistence can be found at a number of places and retails for $9.99.


Readers, what do you think?  are you into the radiant orchid trend? how do you like to incorporate it into your look?