Los Angeles Cat Café Fundraising Event Oct 2-5th

hello everyone~  i’m sorry i’ve been so sporadic with my posting lately.  i’m trying to get myself back on track!

i know not all of my readers are based here in los angeles, but today i’d like to raise awareness towards a fund raising event that’s near and dear to my heart.  Carlos Wong is trying to raise funds to bring a cat cafe to los angeles!  for those that don’t know, cat cafe is a themed coffee shop where patrons can interact with cats for a cover charge.  these types of café are very popular in japan (although the first of its kind actually originated in taipei, taiwan!)

i’ve always thought the concept was cool and something to put on my to do list for when i visited japan.  for the past few months though, i’ve begun to realize that i have a genuine need for a cat cafè in my life! you see, i lost my beloved cat, oz, last year right before christmas.

oz and methe blow was devastating.  i promised myself i would not put myself through that again.  however, once you’ve experienced the validation of the unconditional love from a pet and the comfort of a warm furball in your lap purring the day’s stress away, life is never the same.  there’s a permanent void in my life that i long to fill.  every time i think of getting a new pet, however, i remind myself sharply that that i wasn’t as responsible of a pet owner as i should have been, and the boyfriend would have to go back to taking allergy medication every day.  thus, the need for a cat café in my life.

there have been many health and therapeutic benefits linked to association with animals, mostly having to do with their company lowering levels of stress and elevating levels of serotonin and dopamine.  who doesn’t need a dose of that in today’s world? but it’s not just the humans that will benefit from this venture.  the cats that will populate this cat café will come from a no kill shelter, and if you fall in love with your cat companion, you may adopt it (after it’s been with the cat café for a year).


the fundraising event will be happening from oct 2-5th from 4-9pm at the Far East Plaza on 729 N Broadway in chinatown.  there will be cats for petting and adoption, costumed maids & butlers, and music entertainment.  to read more about the event, visit


if the timing is not good for you but you want to donate to the cause, Carlos Wong has also started another kickstarter campaign that you can check out!



Readers, what do you think of cat café?  is it something you would visit regularly or just something to check out once? leave me a comment down below!