Cash Back on 20% Friends & Family Sales or General Purchases

it’s a little late but here’s a tip in case you need an extra incentive during these couple weeks of friends & family sales.  shop online through Mr. Rebates and you can get anywhere between 6-12% cashback!  sephora is currently at a high of 12% and is currently at 7%.  more brands and stores are available (dept. stores, home improvement and lots of other categories), just type what you want into the search bar.  percentages vary from store to store and from time to time but the highest possible percentage is 30%.  the highest i’ve seen for beauty category is about 15%.

still not enough?  you can earn an extra $5 cashback as a new customer if you use my referral link.  i do get a bonus based on your cashback but at no cost to you.  happy shopping!

Readers, have you already made your friends & family purchases?  what did you get?  do share!

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