Iope Air Cushion XP is a total game changer

i hadn’t really paid attention to the whole cushion bb cream craze that’s been going on because usually the complaint is that there’s not much coverage.  however, when i was gifted with Iope Air Cushion Compact, i figured it was a sign to give it a shot.  i’m so glad i did.  it’s a total game changer.


Iope Air Cushion XP

Iope Air Cushion XP

foundation soaked sponge

foundation soaked sponge

as you can see from the pictures, Iope Air Cushion Xp is a somewhat thick compact where the foundation is soaked into a sponge.

a nonabsorbent sponge is included for application

a nonabsorbent sponge is included for application

you press the included blue applicator sponge into the foundation soaked sponge and apply it to your skin.  if you dislike the thought of using the included applicator, i’ve also had good results using my beauty blender, both damp and dry.  however, if you use your own sponge, there will probably be a bit of wastage as the included applicator is nonabsorbent.  the coverage is about medium.  i’ve lightened the coverage by using a damp beauty blender, and the coverage is somewhat buildable to a medium+.  on my good days, i can skip undereye concealer.  it’s very easy and fast to apply and almost impossible to streak.  the only thing faster in my arsenal is if i just slapped on some powder. the finish is very natural.  i get compliments on my good skin all the time when i’m wearing this, and the complimenter is always shocked when i tell them i’m actually wearing bb cream.

Iope Air Cushion on half my face

Iope Air Cushion on half my face

you can see how my skintone is evened out and my age spots somewhat hidden.


here’s how it looks outside in natural light.

just to show you how good the coverage is, the picture below is half Iope Air Cushion and half Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation

half iope, half MUFE HD

can you tell which side is Iope Air Cushion and which side is MUFE HD? are you ready for the answer?  left side is MUFE and right side is Iope.  MUFE is a little better looking but i think the effect is pretty close.

though the spf protection is provided by physical blockers zinc and titanium dioxide, it photographs well.  it goes on like a second skin, and soon you’ll forget it’s there.  in addition to the spf protection, it also offers some vitamins for the skin in a somewhat moisturizing formula.  most days, i mix a serum with 1-2 drops of facial oil instead of my usual cream when i’m wearing Iope Air Cushion.  in asia, i can even do without the facial oil.  it does very well in hot and humid weather.  if you’re careful not to touch your face and wipe away the bb cream along with your sweat, the coverage will meld back with your skin after you cool back down.  the coverage doesn’t evaporate away or break down like some foundations.  the compact is also purse friendly so you can take it along and reapply as needed.  i apologize in advance for the poor quality of pictures below, only my iphone was available that day.

iope sweaty and cool down

the left is a picture of me sweating under the heat of the afternoon sun at farmer’s market.  my nose is looking extra red because my sunglasses have pushed aside some of the Iope Air Cushion.  the right side is what the coverage returns to after i’ve cooled down.  i think how the coverage reforms is pretty magical!

Iope Air Cushion actually comes in 3 finishes: N for natural, C for Coverage, and S for shimmer.  i’m wearing C21 Cover Vanilla.  unfortunately, the natural and coverage finishes only come in two shades.  however, Iope is a brand under Amore Pacific.  Amore Pacific has brought these cushion compacts over to the states in a slightly larger color range (4 shades).  here in la, i’ve seen Iope carried in asian beauty stores.  the price ranges from $40-45 for the compact and includes 1 refill.  i’ve been using mine almost daily since mid-july and i haven’t needed to pop in my refill yet.


Readers, what do you think of the air cushion compact trend?  is it something you’re interested in?


Disappointed by bareMinerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation

i was really excited when i heard about bareMineral’s new multitasking foundation promising a lightweight foundation with adjustable coverage, pigmentation correction, and physical spf.  i eagerly awaited its arrival at my door, but sadly it didn’t live up to expectations.  the finish and coverage is beautiful when first applied (as long as you weren’t using the sold separately Bareskin Perfecing Face Brush which streaked the foundation no matter how much you buffed).  unfortunately no matter how hard i tried, i could not get it to last past 6 hours.  i’ve tried different applicators (brush, fingers, beauty blender), primers, setting sprays, and powders in various different combinations for 3 weeks trying to get it to last, but no luck.  no matter what i did, the beautiful coverage and finish (it really did look skin-like) started breaking down in a very patchy manner on the cheek area and collecting in my pores around the nose area.  since a picture is worth a thousand words, i’ll just let the picture below tell you why this product should have never made out of testing phase.  6 hours is not even a full work day.  if it broke down more naturally, i might have been willing to keep it around, but who wants a polka dotted nose?

see how it pools inside pores as it breaks down.  this starts happening around 4 hour mark

see how it pools inside pores as it breaks down around 4 hours in


Readers, how long do you need your foundation to last?  what qualities do you look for in your foundation? leave me a comment down below?