Disappointed by bareMinerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation

i was really excited when i heard about bareMineral’s new multitasking foundation promising a lightweight foundation with adjustable coverage, pigmentation correction, and physical spf.  i eagerly awaited its arrival at my door, but sadly it didn’t live up to expectations.  the finish and coverage is beautiful when first applied (as long as you weren’t using the sold separately Bareskin Perfecing Face Brush which streaked the foundation no matter how much you buffed).  unfortunately no matter how hard i tried, i could not get it to last past 6 hours.  i’ve tried different applicators (brush, fingers, beauty blender), primers, setting sprays, and powders in various different combinations for 3 weeks trying to get it to last, but no luck.  no matter what i did, the beautiful coverage and finish (it really did look skin-like) started breaking down in a very patchy manner on the cheek area and collecting in my pores around the nose area.  since a picture is worth a thousand words, i’ll just let the picture below tell you why this product should have never made out of testing phase.  6 hours is not even a full work day.  if it broke down more naturally, i might have been willing to keep it around, but who wants a polka dotted nose?

see how it pools inside pores as it breaks down.  this starts happening around 4 hour mark

see how it pools inside pores as it breaks down around 4 hours in


Readers, how long do you need your foundation to last?  what qualities do you look for in your foundation? leave me a comment down below?

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  1. Ouchy ouch. 6 hours? That’s really not good enough! I don’t think you’re the only person who is not digging this. I hope you’ll be able to return this!


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