Foreo Luna Cleans More Than Your Face

i’ve been lusting after the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove for a while now.  it’s this glove with raised ridges and bumps to help clean your makeup brushes more efficiently.  i balked, however, at paying $35 for it.  then one day, as i was brushing my teeth and contemplating whether the glove would be a worthy investment for my brushes, my eyes landed on my Foreo Luna, and a light bulb went off in my head!  it also has raised bumps similar to the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove!

Foreo Luna Sensitive/Normal

Foreo Luna Sensitive/Normal

i immediate whipped out my solid brush cleanser and gave it a test!  the result?  faster foaming and pigment release from the brushes and a more effective rinsing.  how do i know it rinsed more effectively?  my brush cleanser also conditions my brushes, and sometimes the conditioning can be a little too much for my synthetic brushes, leaving excess residue on the bristles you can feel.  with the Foreo Luna, those problem brushes came out perfect.  i simply wet my brush, swirled it once or twice around the solid soap, swiped it along the wider band of more compacted silicone bumps on my Foreo Luna 3-6 times (depends on how dirty the brush was), then rinsed while continuing to swipe along the Foreo Luna.  the device is not on, you’re just swiping along the textured surface.  since the Foreo Luna is completely waterproof, this does not pose any harm to the device or myself.  lastly, i squeeze out the water from the bristles with my fingers and lay them down to dry.  now, i’m more inclined to clean my brushes the recommended once a week, since the process is faster and more efficient.

i’ve always championed that the Foreo Luna is way better than the Clarisonic.  the Foreo is more gentle, since it uses silicone touch points (the raised bumps) instead of bristle filaments, but it is just as effective.  i couldn’t use the Clarisonic, at the gentlest setting with the delicate brush head, more than once every 10 days, i can use the Foreo Luna every other day.  it’s also more hygienic and economical since you don’t need to deal with the brush head.  it needs less charging and is easier to travel with.  it may even double as a Clarisonic Opal while allowing you to use your own products.  the logic seems the same (using sonic pulse to help products penetrate deeper).  i’ve loved my Foreo Luna ever since i bought it last winter, but now that i realize it cleans both my face and my brushes, i can safely say that this is probably one of the best beauty investments you can make!

i have the Foreo Luna in Sensitive/Normal but it also comes Ultra Sensitive and Combination.  it retails for $199 and can be found at Sephora and other retailers.

Readers, how do you feel about electronic face cleaning devices?  gimmick or more efficient?  would you invest in one?  please leave me a comment down below!

3 thoughts on “Foreo Luna Cleans More Than Your Face

  1. Hey Joy, oh this is SMART! I have Clarisonic, but I can’t use it too often, as my face is no longer a fan of physical exfoliation. I might have to look into this, but to be honest I am always more exciting about good cleansers than cleansing tools 🙂


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