Lighten Up: Marc Jacobs Remedy Concealer Pen

a few weeks ago, the weather warmed up to summer temperatures for a week, and it reminded me that i should look into revamping my makeup stash for base products with lighter textures.  i was actually searching for a new bb cream or a medium coverage foundation at Sephora, but the only product i fell in love with that day was the Remedy Concealer Pen.

Remedy Concealer Pen

Remedy Concealer Pen

Remedy Concealer Pen hides and brightens the under eye area. it’s also formulated with anti-aging and hydrating ingredients.  i have noticed my eye area looking a little less dry, but it could also be the weather not being as dry lately or the fact that i switched back to one of my preferred eye creams.  in the picture below, i’m using Remedy Concealer Pen in color 1 Rendezvous.  it comes in 6 other shades plus 2 universal shades, one for correcting and the other for brightening.  the universal shades seems pointless to me since Remedy Concealer Pen is marketed as an all-in-one that’s supposed to correct and brighten already.

Remedy Concealer Pen on left side of eyelid and under eye

Remedy Concealer Pen on left side of eyelid and under eye

Remedy Concealer Pen blends easily and well into my skin.  there is a patented palladium tip that’s supposed to cool and smooth the skin (yes, their website says smooth, not soothe), but let’s face it, that’s not an ideal application method for a good finish.  one click gives me enough product to cover both eyes.  i like to apply with my Sigma P84 Precision Angled brush.    i also like to use a little bit all over my eyelids to help neutralize the color from my veins.  you can see it really helps to brighten up the face and makes things look more even.

CU of Remedy Pen

here’s a close up for you to see the difference.

Remedy Concealer Pen on both sides

Remedy Concealer Pen on both sides

here, you can see the difference when i’ve concealed both sides, adding a little blush and lip stain.  on quick days, i’ll add some winged liner and mascara and call it a day.  i feel the brightening effect makes my eyes look a little larger.  when i bought it in the store, i thought the effect was nice, but i didn’t expect i would fall so hard for this product.  to date, it’s the only concealer that i’ve happily reached for every day.  previously, concealer was something i only pulled out for especially bad days of acne or dark circles or special occasions when i wanted to look flawless.  i love how natural the finish is.  it never creases and feels somewhat hydrating.

MJ RC Pen meter

Remedy Concealer Pen also features a window that lets you see how much product you have left.  i appreciate this detail, as concealer is an important staple you never want to find out you ran out the morning of!  i’ll also note that it takes two clicks of the pen before the first pump of product comes out.  it never varies, at least in the month that i’ve been using it, so there will never be the frustration of multiple clicks and no product, followed by an excessive amount gushing out.

Readers, what do you think?  share with me your favorite products and tricks for looking more awake! 

2 thoughts on “Lighten Up: Marc Jacobs Remedy Concealer Pen

  1. Hey Joy, I read about this on Hello Jaa a few days ago, and I thought it’s really promising! I can definitely see the difference, and your skin has such a lovely glow!


    • thanks, sunny! yes, I think it’s really worth checking out! I stopped using it for a week because i wanted to play with something else and I’m starting to notice my eye area isn’t as hydrated as before


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