Lazyproof Pampering For The Face: Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

today, i would like to introduce a cult classic, Laneige Water Sleeping Mask.  i’ve been curious about this product for a couple of years.  i always see it at the duty free counters and catalogs on the plane, but i’ve always passed thinking that i don’t want a two-pack of something i’ve never tried.  now that i have, i regret not picking up the 4 pack that i saw offered when i passed thru shanghai.  seriously, i love it that much!  admittedly, i don’t want all 4 jars for my face.  i’m thinking it would work great on my scaly lizard legs too…i recently dropped by Target for some random home necessities and saw that Target now offers some core Laneige products, including this mask, so it’s easily accessible now if you’re tempted.

Laneige at Target

Laneige at Target

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask has a gel like consistency and is lightly scented.  the scent is supposed to be help soothe you into sleep.  while i find the scent pleasant, it’s not a blend that triggers feelings of being soothed, comforted, or sleepiness.  to use, simply cleanse and tone your face then apply Water Sleeping Mask.  how fast it is absorbed depends on how thick of a layer you apply and how dehydrated you are.  i’ve applied a thin layer and had it completely absorb in 45 mins, but i generally like to slather on a medium thick layer for a bigger boost in hydration.  you can wait for it to fully absorb, or you can go to sleep with it still slightly tacky.  rest assured you will not wake up with sticky pillow cases.  i think the convenience of this product is genius.  i don’t have to lie flat and not move so a sheet mask won’t slide off my face.  it’s meant to be left on all night, so if i’m feeling lazy or tired, i can skip my entire skincare routine and still know i’m doing something good for my face.  i don’t have to set aside special time for it, so i’m inclined to use it more consistently.  in the morning, i wake up with smoother, softer skin that feels very hydrated and more plump.  the instructions do say rinse off in the morning, but to be honest, my skin completely absorbs the mask leaving nothing to rinse off.  there isn’t any of that slippery film feeling like when your skin hasn’t fully absorbed an overnight product.  sometimes i forget to rinse off, and there’s not a problem with absorbtion of my daytime skincare routine nor with my foundation.  if you don’t feel like rinsing, i’ve also done a cotton ball swipe with toner.  the effect of the mask is most obvious when i’m applying my makeup.  fine lines from dehydration are smoothed away so that my foundation blends out easier.  concealer in the undereye area goes on especially smooth, since there’s no creases for it to settle in.  .

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask is also an excellent product to travel with.  i depot a small amount into a sample pot and take it on the plane with me.  we all know how dehydrating being on the plane is and how it wrecks havoc on our skin.  after the first meal is served, i brush my teeth and apply my Water Sleeping Mask.  i’ve seen people do sheet masks on the plane, but i’ve always felt too embarrassed to do that.  it just seems too high maintenance/girly/vain for my comfort zone.  Water Sleeping Mask allows me to subtly pamper my skin, and i don’t have to get back up to rinse or worry about what to do with my sheet mask after i’m done using it.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask isn’t quite as hydrating/plumping as some of my favorite sheet masks, but it comes pretty close.  since i do use it more consistently, due to ease of use, the accumulative effect is very similar.  because i’m using it more often, my dehydration lines aren’t as deep so that it doesn’t need as much plumping.  if you don’t need other corrective properties of a sheet mask and are just looking for some extra hydration in your routine, i highly recommend taking a second look at Laneige Water Sleeping Mask.  at $23 for 2.7oz, it’s highly more cost-effective compared to sheet masks and just as effective as most.

Readers, what properties do you look for in a mask?  does Water Sleeping Mask sound like something that would be useful in your routine?

4 thoughts on “Lazyproof Pampering For The Face: Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

  1. Hey Joy, I’ve never tried this, but this kinda reminds me of Clinique Moisture Surge! I got a deluxe sample when I purchased something a while ago, and I already took it on a trip. I know they also have an overnight mask version, but for me the regular stuff works well enough. Glad to hear this has solved your dehydration problems! Definitely grab that duo-pack next time you travel 🙂


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