Lorac Party Palette

Lorac Party Palette

Lorac Party Palette

so it seems like i’m on a roll with eye palettes lately.  this is the second one i’ve picked up that’s become an instant favorite! the flaws are very few and the range of colors are my personal favorite combinations.  even more unusual for me, the pinks in this palette are ones that both visually appeal to me and actually work with my skintones!

let’s go over the flaws first, as that’s a short list.  first off, it’s all shimmer, no mattes.  this is actually not a huge problem for me as i love my shimmers and the only time i want a matte color is for my brow highlight.  i don’t mind digging out a matte single to pair with this palette. however, if you like your palettes to be able to stand on their own, this may not be the one for you unless you don’t mind a shimmery brow bone.  second, the pigmentation to the white shade is a little weak.  it’s visible, but it goes on a bit sheer.  last, the vibrancy of the purple shade is not as good as the rest of the colors and sheers out when blending, so you’ll want to do a little bit of layering.  the quality of the rest of the shadows are typical Lorac quality.  the shadows are buttery and blend out easily.  i didn’t experience much, if any, fall out (except with the It Cosmetics brushes i was testing)

Lorac Party Palette

Lorac Party Palette

Party Palette uner the sun

Party Palette under the sun

Lorac didn’t see fit to name these shades (i hate that).  the two shades furthest to the left are the bigger highlighter shades from the bottom of the palette.  the colors are as follows:

  • White Highlight
  • Pink Highlight
  • Light Peach with golden tones
  • Light Pink.  what this looks like depends on your lighting.  i’ve seen it go from a cool frosty pink to a more mute pink with beige tones.
  • Brown.  this is a medium dark shade that’s not too warm.
  • Dark Pink.  this is a more intense pink that’s sparklier and has a bit of brown in it, lending it a warmer tone.
  • Purple.  upon first application, this is a satisfying shade of cool toned purple.  sadly, it’s not as pigmented as other shades and has a tendency to sheer out when blended.  it is a serviceable shade though.
  • Sage Green.  of course, no favorite palette of mine can be without a green.  the shade they’ve chosen here works well both as a single color smokey look or as a crease/outer v color for the lighter colors, for a natural day look.
  • Turquoise.  a bright medium shade turquoise.
  • Hunter Green.  this is a dark smokey hunter green with green sparkles running through it.

now let’s see it in action!

Gold and Dark Green Closeup-02282

Light Peach and Hunter Green

Gold and Dark Green Context-02277

Sage all over lid

Sage all over lid

Light Pink on lid, Pink in crease and White Highlight on brow bone

Light Pink on lid, Dark Pink in crease and White Highlight on brow bone

Light Pink, White Highlight Context-02270

Pink Highlight on lid, Brown in outer v

Pink Highlight on lid, Brown in outer v

Pink H, Brown Context-02341

Turquoise on lid, Sage in Crease, Purple in lower lash line and Pink Highlight on inner corners

Turquoise on lid, Sage in Crease, Purple in lower lash line and Pink Highlight on inner corners

PH, Turq, Sage, Purple Context-02482

overall, i really love this palette.  i can create the rosy neutral looks that i’ve always lusted over in Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette.  i have colorful pops of color.  there are two fairly neutral greens, which is my favorite way of creating a neutral look. the only thing i would change about it is switching out that white highlighter for a matte highlighter shade.  it’s small and compact but has a good size mirror.  the mirror has a stiff hinge, so you can angle it however you need.  this might be my favorite travel palette to date.  all i’d need is to pack a matte single for highlight, and i’m set for shadows.  it’s a palette i constantly reach for.  i like how the shadows work well together in different combinations or how most shades can double as an all over shade if i just want a quick look.  for just $24, this palette may be the best bargain in my stash!

Readers, what do you think of Lorac’s Party Palette?  how do you like to wear your favorite neutral look?

2 thoughts on “Lorac Party Palette

  1. You’ve really been on a palette kick! You wear shimmer really well as well. For some reason, if I go all shimmery, it could look way over the top! I like the neutral as well as colorful looks you created with the palette. For 24 bucks, you’re right about it being a bargain!


    • thanks, Sunny! I like you in shimmery looks too! I think you might be overly critical of yourself. palettes are my addiction. I’m always looking for that perfect combination of colors to travel with. it doesn’t even make sense since most years I only travel once per year.


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